Company history



It is in July of 1961 that M. Clément Fleury founded Electro Saguenay Ltd, in Alma (Saint-Cœur-de-Marie borough) in Lac St-Jean, with his spouse, Jeannette Côté-Fleury. His first employees were his two brothers, Paul-Henri and Lucien as well as his eldest son Jocelyn.

The company started modestly. Supported by his spouse who was then Vice-President of Operations and Finance, M. Fleury started by gradually taking on contracts in the Lac St-Jean region for Hydro-Quebec, which was then called « Saguenay Électrique ».

He gradually built his fleet of specialised vehicles, buying them one by one.

Rapidly, Electro Saguenay took wind to its sales and M. Clément Fleury successively added three of his sons to his team: Réjean (in 1965), Sylvain (in 1968) and Jean-Pierre (in 1974). He remained Founding President until his retirement in 1990.

« My pride and joy » he said, « is to have created a company that has been operating for over 55 years and to have contributed to the success of my sons, grand-children and nephews, some of whom are now part of the company’s Management team. I am also proud to have created employment in my home town, with the support of my brave and devoted wife and of my family. »


Jocelyn Fleury started to work for Electro Saguenay as a Lineman from 1962 to 1968. He then decided to acquire some work experience in the United States for a few years.


When he returned to Quebec, he worked for Hydro-Quebec for a couple of years and then came back to Electro-Saguenay in 1972. He was Estimator until 1990 and then Project Manager for high-voltage power lines until 2006. From 1990 to 2006, he was also VP of Electro Saguenay’s Board of Directors from 1990 to 2006.


hist-1965Réjean Fleury joined the company ranks in 1965, first as an Electrician, then Electrical-Assembler on distribution lines and then as Controller. One of his first accomplishments was to change the company’s colors from green to orange and grey in 1975.

In 1978, he was promoted to General Manager until 1990, when he became President and CEO. During those years, he was and exemplary administrator.

His main accomplishments were: the office expansion in 1978, and then in 1985; the acquisition of a piece of land from the Lac Saint-Jean School Board in 1989; the planning and management of a new 100’ x 150’ garage as we can see it today. In 2005, he spearheaded Electro Saguenay’s first Windfarm project in Baie des Sables (Gaspésie). In May of 2009, Réjean Fleury took a well-deserved retirement after 44 years of loyal services.




hist-1974Jean-Pierre Fleury took the company’s helm in May of 2009 as President and CEO. He started as Lineman and Foreman in 1974. In 1986, he was promoted to Project Manager and then to Secretary-Treasurer in 1990 and Vice-President in 2002. In May 2009, he purchased all remaining shares from his brother Réjean and became President and CEO. Some of his accomplishments are: to invest over $8 Million between 2009 and 2015 for the acquisition of new state of the art machinery; to increase business revenues threefold; to double the number of employees; to start a new line of business specializing in high-voltage power lines; to launch a research and development department focusing on the creation and manufacturing of machinery and equipment adapted to complex requirements; to build a turnkey 1500 km private fiber-optic network. Here are some of the accomplishments he is proud of: Windfarms – Carleton, St-Ulric; Telecom – Bell Fibre to the home (Saguenay, Lac Saint-Jean); Power substations – Témiscouata, Val Jalbert; Transport Lines– Sheldrake; Poles and anchors – Hydro-Quebec; Distribution Lines – Plan Nord.



Throughout the years, Electro Saguenay has built a solid reputation which propelled it to expand rapidly.

Here is a picture of Electro Saguenay’s garage at its beginning (1961 à 1990).



In 1989, Réjean Fleury acquired a piece of land from the Lac Saint-Jean School Board and the following year (in 1990), the new maintenance building was built, as we see it in the picture below, including a yard with a capacity of over 200 specialized vehicles.



In 2009, after 44 years of loyal services, Réjean Fleury decided to retire and to sell 100% of his shares to his brother Jean-Pierre.

Since 2009, Jean-Pierre Fleury proudly holds the position of President and CEO of Electro Saguenay. We see him here (left) shaking his father’s hand (Clément Fleury, Founding President, center), with his brother Réjean on the right.


Electro Saguenay’s reputation is based on a wide experience developed over 55 years in the fields of high voltage energy and telecommunications. The thriving company became quickly one of the leaders in the Quebec high voltage energy and telecommunications sectors. The scope of its projects varies between $1 Million and $33 Million. Its success stems from the competence and commitment of its personnel and from its capacity to adapt its machinery and work methods to meet the most complex of challenges.


In 2010, the company decided to invest considerably in the acquisition of new specialized equipment for the construction, modification and maintenance of high voltage transport lines. Throughout the province of Quebec and in the Canadian and US markets, wherever the project is located, Electro Saguenay is always ready to offer its customers the high quality, specialized services that they deserve.

To this day, Electro Saguenay has built over 6000 km of private fiber optics networks, across the province of Quebec, with both over ground and underground structures, in addition to thousands of kilometers of multi line and coaxial cables. These turnkey projects include the project planning, engineering, provisioning and end-to-end project management. These networks service primarily School Boards, Regional County Municipalities, the Public Security Ministry, the Quebec network for scientific information (RISQ), Hydro-Quebec, Bell, Telus and various other important Quebec customers.

Electro Saguenay also owns 1500 km of fiber optic networks located in Saguenay, Lévis and lower St. Lawrence region and is looking for business partners to commercialize these assets.

Since 2007, the company has earned an enviable position in the construction of Wind farms projects across the province of Quebec and can manage turnkey construction projects including engineering and project management of wind farm energy collection networks as well as power distribution stations.

The company’s strength is based on the following elements : qualified and responsible personnel, rigorous administration, diversification in all specialized fields of activities in the energy and telecom markets, a fleet of machinery and equipment at the cutting edge of technology and, of course, Management’s determination to take on projects that are more and more challenging, year after year.

Electro Saguenay has over 55 years of experience and counts up to 200 employees at the height of the season. The company hires labor from everywhere across the province of Quebec and owns over 200 specialized vehicles, in addition to a significant inventory of equipment and machinery at the cutting edge of technology in order to address projects of any size and complexity in the fields of Energy and Telecom.

Electro Saguenay is specialized in the following sectors:

  • Construction and maintenance of power distribution networks
  • Construction and modification of 120kV à 735kV high voltage power transport lines
  • Construction of 25kV to 315kV power substations
  • Construction of Windfarm energy collector networks
  • Construction and maintenance of telecommunication networks
  • Construction and modification of manholes and underground pipes
  • Fiber optic fusions and OTDR transmission testing
  • Maintenance and management of over 1500 km of private fiber optic networks
  • Construction and maintenance of multiline telecommunication cabling
  • Implanting of poles and anchors
  • Civil works
  • Research and development
  • Customised telecommunications training
  • Preliminary and detailed engineering for all of our sectors of activities

Electro Saguenay’s President and CEO, M. Jean-Pierre Fleury, is already planning the company’s succession and eventual transfer of the family business to the third generation of the Fleury family in order to ensure a seamless transition.

In the following picture, we see Electro Saguenay’s succession at both extremities and at the center, Electro Saguenay’s Management team over the years.

From left to right, first there is Geneviève, Jean-Pierre Fleury’s daughter (Project Manager); then Jean-Pierre Fleury (President and CEO since May 2009); then Clément Fleury (Founder); then Réjean Fleury (President and CEO from 1990 to May 2009); then Patrick, Réjean Fleury’s son (Lineman and Foreman); then Maxime, Réjean Fleury’s son (Project Director).

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